Lindsay Lohan admits to being close to relapse

Lindsay Lohan has been revealing a lot about her troubles on her reality show, but she recently admitted she has come very close to relapsing.

In the documentary Lindsay which charts her recovery and has Oprah Winfrey as Lindsay’s mentor, the actress confirmed that she has often very nearly turned back to drugs, saying: "I’m sober but I’ve been very close [to relapsing]. It’s come very close and it’s really scary."

Lindsay Lohan and Oprah Winfrey

The 27-year-old has entered rehab several times but in an interview with Ellen Degeneres, the Mean Girls actress told the chat show host that in the past, her time in rehab was not for herself.

"In the past, a lot of it people don't know this, but I was sent to rehab to avoid, you know, them trying to put me in jail. So it wasn't something that I necessarily wanted or was ready for. It was something that it was kind of just going with the motions."

In the latest episode she also tried pole dancing as a new form of exercise and enthuses about the power she felt.

"It’s actually a really good workout. It’s really empowering for women to get to know your body and yourself", she says.

We also discover that the actress was turned down for a role in the new Avengers film.

Oprah recently had stern words for Lindsay, confronting the actress on her behaviour during filming.

Lindsay Lohan

The chat show queen was forced to stop by the actress' home after she continually failed to show up for filming sessions for the TV programme.

She urged the star to turn her life around after she was given a long list of complaints about Lindsay "screwing around" with the filming schedule and creating "chaos" from the film team.

"I believe that you believe this is your time to turn things around for yourself," she told the 27-year-old. "You need to cut the bull****, you really do."