Kylie Minogue admits her 'team' finds her dates due to 'awkward' love life

Kylie Minogue may be admired by men all over the globe, but the Australian actress-turned-singer has admitted she never gets approached by men.

The pint-sized pop star revealed that she has to ask employees to find her men to date as she finds people who fancy her don’t have the confidence to ask her out themselves. Kylie shared details of her love life on the Graham Norton Show, where the 45-year-old was also joined on the couch by Noah star Russell Crowe.

Kylie Minogue has difficulty getting dates

"I have a team, my people, and there are a few whispers down the corridor and it’s stuff like that,” she admitted about her dating experiences.

"It’s not vetting, but you kind of have to have your eyes open. It’s as awkward for me as it is for anyone."

She recently revealed she parted ways from Andrés Velencoso and spent New Year’s Eve alone. In the past she has also been in relationships with Halle Berry’s husband Olivier Martinez and late musician Michael Hutchence.

"Thankfully Andres and I are still in touch," Kylie added to Attitude magazine. "Obviously, not like we used to be… He's a great guy and that's important… I'm enjoying that I'm so distracted. I'm not sitting at home pining."

Despite a number of high-profile and meaningful relationships, the singer has never tied the knot. And she said she thought the process would have only complicated matters further.

Kylie and ex-boyfriend Andres

"I think legalities can make it a little bit more of a headache, but you know there's still heartbreak and emotional sadness and all of the things that come with bad break-ups, even if you're not married," she said.

"It does hurt, but I guess you have resilience because it's not the first time you've been down that road."

Kylie split from Andres, changed her management team and signed up to be a judge on The Voice— her first foray into the world of live TV talent shows — all in the same year, and she recently admitted the changes in her life were the result of an "epiphany".

It’s not clear whether or not Kylie will return to the UK talent show as she will embark on a tour later this year.