Kelly Brook has solo lunchdate while missing engagement ring

Kelly Brook has appeared without a significant piece of jewellery less than a month after getting engaged to David McIntosh.

Fans might be concerned the model and her new beau have split due to an image she posted on her Instagram page this week which shows her engagement ring clearly absent from her hand.

Kelly, 34, features in the snap of her lunchtime tuna sandwich and a pouty mouth. Despite eating alone as she took the selfie, she used the hashtag "one big happy".

But it seems the TV presenter has been hard at work in Los Angeles filming the pilot for her new show One Big Happy on the Warner Bros lot. Ellen DeGeneres even left her a touching note in her dressing room as they film at the same studio.

She and David, are said to have been having very public rows, leading some to think it won't be long before they call time on their relationship.

The couple have faced scepticism since announcing their engagement in March after dating for just 11 weeks.

Kelly Brook and David MacIntosh

Kelly recently defended their relationship when she saw that a 'celebrity relationship expert' had been tweeting her thoughts on the engagement.

"Wow you're a relationship expert?," she wrote. "Thanks for the kind words and support. BEYOND."

The expert replied, tweeting, "I just don't want to see you get hurt like you were with Danny (Cipriani). You deserve the best," to which Kelly replied, "Thanks for the 'genuine' concern I think I'll be alright."