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Nicole Richie wants 'people to know and be educated' on what they eat

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Nicole Richie has revealed that she is keen for her children to eat organically and so has started to grow her own food.

"I'm home a lot and we're growing our own fruits and vegetables," she said at a recent fashion and beauty conference.

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Nicole Richie

She added: "There's so many things in food right now and it's important for people to know and be educated on whatever they're putting into their body.

"The former reality TV star has been married to Joel Madden since 2010 and the pair have two children. "I just convinced my husband to let me get chickens so we're getting hens. They're coming in a few weeks, actually", she said while speaking to US Weekly.

And she also revealed that despite being a stylish fashionista on the red carpet, when in the garden she can instead be found in slippers and sweatpants.

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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden

"I love wearing my little vintage peasant dresses, but I garden in the morning and I'm really cold in the morning. I end up with a North Face [jacket], my husband's baseball cap, colourful sweatpants that I slept in the night before, and leopard slippers," she admitted, before adding: "I use—and I stand by this 100 percent—a fanny pack! I have three of them—two vintage Chanel ones. I use them in the garden because I carry my phone in them [to listen to] music. They're dope!

"Along with her green fingers, Nicole has also recently unveiled a new hair colour – bright purple.

It's not the first time Nicole has experimented with her hair though, as last year she stepped out for the Met Ball sporting completely white tresses in honour of the theme of the event, punk.

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