Kelly Osbourne reveals shocking new tattoo

Kelly Osbourne has unveiled a new tattoo – on the side of her head.

The 29-year-old, who recently shaved both sides of her purple-dyed hair, revealed the new inking on Saturday night.

The tattoo reads 'Stories' and is written in purple ink in a typewriter-style font.


Kelly Osbourne has unveiled a new tattoo on her head

Kelly shared several photos from the Shamrock Social Club Parlour in Hollywood while renowned tattoo artist Dr Woo completed the design.

She was clearly delighted with the end result. "Sorry mum and dad but I love it!" she wrote alongside one of the pictures.

Tattoo artist Dr Woo at work on Kelly Osbourne

Kelly had earlier teased fans, posting "#oops what did I do tonight?" before going under the needle.

The star's new look comes amid reports she has just started a blossoming romance.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s daughter, who split from fiancé Matthew Mosshart in January, is said to be growing close to Quincy Combs, the stepson of rapper Puff Daddy.

Kelly Osbourne: "#oops what did I do tonight?"

"Kelly is single, but she's having a lot of fun," a source told US Magazine. "She's been hooking up with Quincy, her really good friend, lately. It's not serious but he's really hot and he's very into her."

Quincy isn’t the only man to have caught Kelly's eye. She is also said to be taken with 27-year-old British model Ricki Hall, and the pair have been messaging on social media.

Kelly Osbourne already has a number of tattoos

"They recently started following each other on Instagram," the insider said. "He's got a huge beard which Kelly finds really sexy, she loves guys with beards! She's definitely interested in seeing where it goes with him."