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Madonna dismissed from jury service after two hours

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Madonna performed her civic duties on Monday when she reported for jury service in Manhattan. But less than two hours later, the superstar singer was dismissed from the courthouse. Madonna waited in a separate room from other prospective jurors before being excused without being called to serve on any case. Officials confirmed that they already have enough potential jurors.


Madonna jury duty

Madonna was dismissed from jury service after two hours

Her appearance "really goes to show that everyone gets called," said David Bookstaver, the spokesman for the state court system. "The intent here was not to create a distraction to other jurors or the business of the court… She got credit for her service and we're delighted she came." He added that had Madonna been placed in a waiting room with other jurors, the court would have faced the additional expense of stationing police officers there.It is the second time that Madonna has been called for jury service in six years. She was previously called to court in 2008 and waited for four hours in a Beverly Hills courthouse before being excused. The 55-year-old is now exempt from jury service until 2020.

Tom Hanks Sarah Jessica Parker

Tom Hanks and Sarah Jessica Parker have been called up for jury duty in the past

Other stars who have been called up for jury service include Tom Hanks, who was a juror on a domestic violence case in 2013.However, the trial was forced to come to an early end after a lawyer for the prosecution approached the actor to thank him for his service – a clear breach in regulations.Sarah Jessica Parker was also ordered to appear at a New York court in June 2011 for a fraud trial, but her services were not required as the panel had been filled.

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