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Celebrity birthdays: Matthew Perry turns 45

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Happy birthday Matthew Perry! As the Friends actor turns 45, HELLO! Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Matthew and you...People who make mistakes, may get called 'accident prone'. Yet there can be many reasons why some folk fail to accomplish what others manage to do all too easily. Creative individuals, for example, may decide to experiment. In their quest for better alternatives, they may inadvertently stumble upon worse ones. Had they only been left a little longer to pursue more imaginative options, they might have easily compensated for any damage that they had done. Your experience in a key field is an asset now. Don't doubt that. Click here to read your horoscope

matthew perry© Photo: Getty Images

Matthew Perry

"I desperately desperately needed the money," said Matthew Perry in 1997. He was talking about the reason he had taken the $10,000-an-episode role of neurotic Manhattanite Chandler Bing three years previously in the sitcom Friends. You can bet he isn't short on cash now - each cast member earned a cool million dollars per episode for the final two series of the show.Matthew Perry was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts, on 19 August 1969. Unlike many future stars, Matthew had no dreams of treading the boards, but set his sights instead on the tennis court. Dedicating himself to the game, by the time he was a teenager, he had become the city's number two junior player.Graduating from high school with average grades, Matthew was determined to become an actor, although he reassured his father that should he still be out of work in a year's time, he would go to college. It was while helping a couple of friends prepare their auditions for the series Friends, that Matthew spotted an opportunity. "The part of Chandler leapt off the page, shook my hand, and said: 'This is you, man!'," he later told a journalist. His final audition took place on a Friday afternoon, and the following Monday he started work on the set. The series lasted for ten whole seasons, starring Matthew alongside Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer.Overnight, Matthew's life changed. The hottest TV show in the US, Friends enabled the actor to buy a house in the chic Hollywood Hills, play tennis with John McEnroe at celebrity charity events, and make the often tricky leap from small to big screen.Since then, Matthew has starred in hit films such as Fools In Rush, Three to Tango and 17 Again.

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