George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin will not marry at Chelsea Town Hall on Friday

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin will not tie the knot at Chelsea Town Hall on Friday 12 September, management at the registry office have confirmed.

Rumours had gathered pace that the couple were set to wed at the West London establishment, and photographers and camera crews had assembled in anticipation. So the West London establishment released a notice to set the record straight.

"We have assisted in the legal preliminaries for a proposed wedding for George Clooney and his fiancée," it read. "We are not conducting the wedding of Mr Clooney at this office today (Friday 12th September)."


George and Amal will not marry at Chelsea Town Hall on Friday 12 September

The statement, which was posted at the entrance of the King's Road registry office, added that they were not in posession of the date of George and Amal's nuptials.

"A certificate of no impediment was applied for and has been issued as no objection was raised," the statement explained. "In this case we actually have no record of when the wedding will take place as it was not necessary to ask in order to facilitate the issue of these documents."

Finally the Additional Superintendent Registrar requested that the paparazzi leave, so as not to disturb couples marrying at the town hall.

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The registry office issued a notice denying the wedding would take place there on Friday

A source at the registry office told HELLO! Online that having obtained the right to marry, George and Amal could tie the knot anywhere they choose.

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"I believe we have given the documents to George's fiancée and now they are free to go and marry wherever they want," said the source. "That is the honest truth."

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Journalists and photographers gathered at the King's Road registry office

Suspicions that George and Amal planned to say "I do" in Chelsea began when US Weekly reported that the pair were set to tie the knot at a formal civil ceremony before hosting a lavish celebration in Venice.

As speculation about details of George's wedding continues, one thing that is certain is the Hollywood star's devotion to his barrister love.

Making a speech at the Celebrity Fight Night in Florence, Italy, on Sunday, George couldn't help but tell of his affection for his beautiful fiancée.

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Paparazzi believe the couple could be tying the knot at the West London town hall

"I have to tell you, I met my bride-to-be in Italy," he told the audience as her accepted the Andrea Bocelli Humanitarian Award. "And I will be married in Italy, soon, in a couple of weeks… In Venice, of all places.

"In closing, I would just like to say to my bride-to-be, Amal, that I love you very much. And I can't wait to be your husband."