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Sharon Osbourne tells HELLO! Online why she's the coolest grandmother - and reveals all about tooth-losing incident

January 16, 2015
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Though the year is barely underway, Sharon Osbourne already has her hands full. After making her debut on US crime drama CSI at the end of 2014, the 62-year-old is now busy organising a world tour for her husband Ozzy's band Black Sabbath, planning a return series of The Osbournes and starring in MoneySuperMarket's hilarious new advert – not to mention babysitting her adorable granddaughter Pearl. Fresh from filming The Talk in Los Angeles, the outspoken matriarch of heavy metal's first family spoke exclusively to HELLO! Online about what 2015 has in store for her. Read on to find out her secret to a long-lasting marriage, how she really feels about passing 60, and why her son Jack doesn't ask her for parenting advice.


Sharon is currently starring in a new MoneySuperMarket advert

You were recently on CSI, what was that like?

"I play a naughty woman, a madam who might be involved in a murder, so I loved the part. It was very intense to work on because I'm used to messing around when I work and this time I was working with a group of serious actors and producers and the director and they don't want to hear somebody giggling and saying stupid things so I learned very quickly to keep my mouth shut. I don't think they enjoyed my presence, I think they thought I was a weird one!"

Has it sparked your interest in doing more acting? 

"I would love to! I really, really would but I don't think I was very good in it so I have no idea."

What exciting plans do you have for 2015? 

"When it slows down here and we stop doing two shows a day and we go back to one in the spring, we're going to do some more episodes of The Osbournes. There's only going to be about six, no more than eight. Then I'm planning a world tour for Black Sabbath which is going to start in the autumn of this year."

What can we expect to see when you revive The Osbournes

"It's going to be more documentary style and it's more about how we've all evolved since the last series. It's been 13 years so [it's more a look at how] in 13 years how the family has evolved and grown. It's a documentary catch up and we're hoping in another five years, God willing, we'll do another few episodes again to catch up on where we are then."

sharon kelly

Sharon and her family are reviving their reality show The Osbournes

When can we expect to see it on screen? 

"Probably in the autumn. Did you ever see a British series called Seven Up!? Where they keep going back to a group of kids every few years? That's what we hope that this will turn out to be like."

Do you all watch it back to see how you've changed? 

"Yes, absolutely, definitely. And we don't want it be like an endless series, instead it's going to be a handful of shows that bring you up to date. And it is like an experiment to see how you change. In 13 years all our lives have changed so much."

Certainly one big difference from the last time we saw the show is that you have a granddaughter. Will we see Pearl in the show? 

"You will definitely!"

Would you say you're a cool grandmother?

"I am the typical grandmother that does everything that you shouldn't. I spoil her, I let her stay up all night she can do whatever she wants so I am the stereotypical grandmother and she loves it. We have a sign up at my house that says 'what goes on at grandma's, stays at grandma's' so we never talk about the things we get up to."

sharon pearl

Sharon with her two-year-old granddaughterPearl

Before she was born you said she would be calling you Mrs O or Shazza, have you stuck to that? 

"No, she calls me nana and Ozzy's papa. I hope I’ll be her ally when she grows up."

How's it been since passing the big 6-0? 

"One of the best things, the joy of getting to this age, is being a grandmother. That I love, but am I ecstatic that I'm 62? No! But what can you do? It is what it is? We're all lucky to have got to this age and be healthy. But no, it sucks. It's really weird because I live in Los Angeles and you see so many people of my age and you have no idea how old they are! They're all about 100lbs in weight and they're all marathon runners and fricking swim 100 miles a day so you just never know how old they are. It's just a whole different world now with age."

jack lisa

The 62-year-old says Jack and Lisa don't come to her for parenting advice

Do Jack and his wife Lisa ever come to you for parenting advice? 

"Oh no they do not come to me at all for parenting advice! They're always telling me off! No way do they come to me. Just on Sunday, Pearl was drinking water from her baby cup with a straw and she was blowing bubbles with the straw and the water went up her nose and I was hysterically laughing at the look on her face and Jack was so upset with me because I was laughing and he goes: "You shouldn't encourage her to do that! That gives her encouragement, she'll think it's funny and keep doing it" and I was like "Ohhh shut up!". But we do babysit a lot. She sleeps over at ours a lot."

How's Jack doing after his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis? 

"He's doing really good. He's very, very brave and doesn't complain at all. He really doesn't. He keeps it all to himself, he's just extremely brave. I am very proud of him."

sharon wedding

Ozzy and Sharon are in their 33rd year of marriage

How's Ozzy?

"He's gearing up for his tour, he's good. It's what he does and he loves doing what he does. He looks at it as a gift and he can't wait to get back out on the road, it's what he was born to do."

You've been married since 1982, what’s your secret to a long-lasting marriage? 

"We're in our 33rd year of marriage, so it's literally half of Ozzy's life that he’s been married to me, it's incredible. It's like we don’t sit down and go "oh my God how long have we been together?" we just are. It's the good, the bad, the ugly, deal with it and that's it, it's our life and we just deal with it. We go through life together."

How’s your tooth after it fell out during a live show of The Talk

"Can you believe my luck?! How can you have such bad luck? You're on air in the middle of a conversation live on TV and your tooth falls out! And it wasn't like it was one at the back, you could clearly see it… but what could I do? It's all back in place now. I don't think I'm the only one it's ever happened to, I think I'm just the only one it happened to on live TV, I think it's happened to so many people. There's nothing you can do but laugh."

sharon tooth

Sharon's tooth fell out live on an episode of The Talk

You're starring in the new ad campaign for MoneySuperMarket's car insurance, how did it come about and was it fun to make?

"Oh my Lord it was the funniest script I have read for an ad ever, it was so funny, I just read it, laughed as said I have to be a part of it. The guy who plays Dave is a real star. Everybody is going to fall in love with him. His short shorts are the best bit! They told me about their company and what they represent and the image they have and the idea that they had and I thought "why not?". Everybody, no matter what age bracket you’re in or what you earn, everybody needs car insurance. Nobody wants to be gouged so it’s relevant to everyone and everybody needs it."

Four of your dogs joined you in the ad, were they well behaved?

"They were so well behaved, it was great. It was the best two days I’ve ever had working on a commercial, it was hysterical. I would love to do more. It was amazing, and the people running this company have the best sense of humour, they are so funny. It was like a continuous party."

Sharon Osbourne can be seen in the new MoneySuperMarket car insurance ad on TV this weekend. To view the ad and other exclusive behind-the-scenes content, go to

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