Angus Deayton and Lise Mayer 'split after 24 years'

Angus Deayton and his long-term girlfriend Lise Mayer have split after 24 years together, according to various reports. The couple, who have had their ups and downs in the past, are parents to one teenage son.

While Angus and his other half have remained mum on the subject of their break-up, a source close to the pair has revealed that their relationship ended "some time ago".

The insider also stated that the former Have I Got News For You presenter and his scriptwriter girlfriend are trying to move on quietly.


Lise Mayer and Angus Deayton have one teenage son together

"They split some time ago but managed to keep it under wraps and have been getting on with their lives," a source told The Mirror. "Sadly, it is just one of those things."

Angus, 59, and Lise, 55, started dating back in 1991. The couple welcomed their first and only child, a son, after going through rounds of IVF treatment.

Speaking in 2002, Lise described how her famous husband had acted as a pillar of support after she gave birth.

"Parenthood has been a very long, hard road," she said. "[Our son] is an IVF baby and people who have had years of fertility treatment know it is very stressful on both people in the relationship."

Lisa may have been referring to the cheating rumours that surrounded Angus, who was dismissed from his presenting role on the BBC show after allegations about his personal life emerged.

Angus Deayton and Lise Mayer "have been getting on with their lives" post-split

In spite of this, Lise stood by her partner, adding: "I know there has been this shocking betrayal, but the person I have been with for nine years is generous and supportive and has been absolutely fantastic when I have been ill."

Angus himself admitted in 2012 that he had had an affair, but defended himself by saying that some people out there had "done as much, if not worse".

"No one is in my relationship, so they can't make judgements about my relationship," he told The Guardian.

The actor and comedian, who has starred in comedy series One Foot in the Grave, most recently featured in series three of Waterloo Road.