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James Corden asks viewers not to judge him prematurely ahead of The Late, Late Show debut

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James Corden will make his long-awaited debut as the host of popular American chat show The Late, Late Show on Monday night, and the comedian has asked viewers to give him a chance to find his feet before judging his performance on the show.

Speaking to The Guardian, James admitted he was apprehensive about how the show would be received.

"These shows are bred on familiarity. It's going to take a really long time to get anybody to watch it," he said. "To judge it on a night or a month or six months, it's the equivalent of trying a soufflé after it's been in the oven for ten minutes."

JamesCorden © Photo: Getty Images
James Corden will make his debut on The Late, Late Show on Monday night

The former Gavin and Stacey star relocated to Los Angeles with his wife Julia Carey and their two young children after being announced as the new host of the chat show in August. James found a unique way to promote his talk show debut earlier in the month when he put up a huge billboard in Los Angeles advertising the programme, and posed next to it to ensure American viewers knew exactly who he is.

Despite his nerves, James has professed to feeling like "the luckiest man on earth" since landing the job, and said he would have regretted passing up on the opportunity.

"I'd rather regret doing something than not doing something," he told Variety. "I think we have a real shot at enjoying ourselves for a bit, which is ultimately all you ever want, isn’t it?"

JamesCorden1 © Photo: Getty Images
James Corden has asked viewers not to judge his performance prematurely

James has already recorded the first show in front of a live audience, and reportedly convinced actress Mila Kunis to admit that she has married Ashton Kutcher after months of speculation.

The 36-year-old asked Mila if she and Ashton had tied the knot, to which she coyly replied, "Maybe", before asking her to show her wedding ring finger to the audience, which indeed had a wedding band on it.

"They are married, look," James declared after the big reveal.

The interview will air on US television network CBS on Monday night. Tom Hanks will also feature on James' debut show.