James Corden puts up his own billboard ahead of The Late Late Show debut

James Corden has found a unique way to ensure people tune in to his US talk show debut on 23 March. The British comedian has put up a huge billboard in Los Angeles to announce his takeover of The Late Late Show – and posed next to the attention-grabbing sign to ensure American viewers know exactly who he is.

The Gavin and Stacey star is set to replace Scottish presenter Craig Ferguson as the face of the CBS network's late night talk show towards the end of the month, and he has admitted that he is beginning to feel nervous as the first night looms.

"There's good nerves and there's bad nerves," he told Variety. "It's good nerves that spur you on, and bad nerves that debilitate you. If I can find the good nerves, I'll be very grateful."


James Corden is the new presenter of The Late Late Show

James also admitted: "I don't know if I'm making a huge mistake."

However James showed no sign of nerves when he posed alongside the billboard, which read "The Late Late Show with this guy!" along with an arrow pointing to where he stood.

The 36-year-old waved to onlookers and picked up a megaphone to spread the message of his highly-anticipated debut.

Despite being nervous about the reception he will receive from the audience, James said he would have regretted it if he passed up the opportunity.

A huge billboard in LA advertised James Corden's debut on the talk show

"I'd rather regret doing something than not doing something. I think we have a real shot at enjoying ourselves for a bit, which is ultimately all you ever want, isn't it?

"It's madness, really. When I got the job I'd never even been on an American talk show. It's a bold choice. A really bold choice."

Since being announced as the presenter of the show, James has relocated to Los Angeles with his wife Julia and their two children – three-year-old Max and four-month-old Carey.

The star will make his debut on The Late Late Show on 23 March.