Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh plan to have second baby after wedding

Peter Andre has revealed that he would like to have another baby with his fiancée Emily MacDonagh. The couple are already parents to their daughter Amelia, who is 16 months old, but Peter seems keen to expand his brood.

The singer also has two children from his previous marriage – a son Junior and a daughter Princess – but becoming a father for a fourth time is on his wish list.

When asked whether he and Emily would try for baby number two, the TV personality admitted they would, but after their wedding next year.

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Peter Andre and his fiancée Emily MacDonagh plan to marry before May next year

"When we're married, yeah!" Peter told new! magazine. "I can't wait to try for that."

The 42-year-old also admitted that before Amelia, who he affectionately calls Mills, was born, he was hoping for a baby boy. But welcoming his second daughter into the world has changed his mind.

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The singer admitted he wanted a baby boy before Amelia was born, but has "fallen so in love with her"

"I wanted a boy before Mills was born," said Peter. "I was like, 'Boy, boy, boy' and then she was born. I wasn't gutted, I was happy.

"I've fallen so in love with her that I'd happily have another girl in which case Junior will be the only boy in our house, so he'll feel special."

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Peter Andre has two children, Junior and Princess, from his previous marriage

Before they plan to give Amelia a younger brother or sister, Peter and Emily, 25, have to make headway with their wedding preparations. The couple got engaged in January 2014 shortly after the birth of their daughter, but have found it difficult to settle on a wedding date.

"We've planned it for next year but might bring it forward," said Peter. "We didn't want to book it this year then postpone because we're too busy with work. People would be like, 'What's going on there?'"

Emily also has her hands full. Apart from taking care of her adorable little girl, she has recently qualified as a trainee doctor and is "doing everything from surgery and stitches to delivering babies," said Peter.