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Jennifer Lawrence admits she Googles herself

jennifer lawrence
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Jennifer Lawrence has had an extraordinary rise to become the hottest star in Hollywood – and, by her own admission, she's changed along the way. "I'm so scared to say anything now," she revealed in a candid interview with the New York Times. "I can see every negative way that people can take it, and I don't want to sound like I'm complaining. 'Oh, she's so conceited now. Oh, she's so jaded now.'"Speculating on her reasons for being hyper-sensitive to what she says, the star admitted: "It probably comes from Googling myself. If it were up to me, I would not talk. I would just act.


jennifer lawrence © Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence has admitted to Googling herself in the past

"…You try being 22, having a period and staying away from Google. I once Googled 'Jennifer Lawrence Ugly'."Jennifer won her first Academy Award at 22, and in August she topped Forbes' highest paid actresses list – but for all her success, she still worries how others perceive her. "I can't think of a more wasteful use of my time than to worry about this," the Hunger Games star added. "Why do I care what people think? But I do. I just can't pretend I don't care."I get really insecure about it. The world makes an opinion of you without ever meeting you. That worry should not bother me, but it does. It bothers me."Asked how she copes with that level of pressure, Jennifer replied without skipping a beat: "I have a prescription."...I find a certain peace by thinking of me in public as sort of an avatar self," she revealed. "You out there can have the avatar me. I can keep me. And I try to acknowledge that this scrutiny is stressful, and that anyone would find it stressful."

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