Cheryl Fernandez-Versini heartbroken over the death of fan Kimberley Szostak

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has spoken of her sadness over the death of fan Kimberley Szostak, a 23-year-old performing arts sudent. The X Factor judge tweeted that she was "so so so sad" over her passing, adding: "My heart goes out to her family and friends. Sweet dreams angel. Rest in peace" with an emoji of a broken heart.

It has not been revealed how the superfan died.

Kimberley Szostak had followed Cheryl since her Girls Aloud days

On Kimberly's social media profile, she described herself as "a very energetic, bubbly, friendly northern girl".

She said: "I love to sing, songwrite and dance pretty much all the time... My music comes first, I just love to walk down the street and smile at someone I don't know; they may be having a bad (day) and I'd appreciate that if someone did that for me. I hope I can continue to sing, dance and songwrite for as long as I shall live."

Her heroine Cheryl, who she followed since her Girls Aloud days, also made frequent appearances on her Twitter. Kimberley posted a picture of her in a 70s outfit at the X Factor auditions over the summer, saying that the pop star was "adorable".

Then the drama student wrote a tribute, describing the Newcastle-born singer's devotion to her 'soldiers' - as Cheryl's fans are called.

"Cheryl is very friendly to us all, supportive, caring, tries to spend as much time with us even though her security always push her back," Kimberley wrote. "She jokes around and has banter with us, takes selfies, writes personal messages, stops in the car at traffic lights."

Then when Cheryl was criticised for her weight loss in the wake of her father-in-law's death, Kimberley appeared to jump to her defence. Her tweet didn't refer to the Fight for this Love singer by name, but she said: "Sick of ppl talking abt others & their weight. Losing weight does not always mean u need to eat. Understand ppl reasons rather than actions."