Mark Zuckerberg divides opinion by posting picture of daughter getting vaccinated

Mark Zuckerberg has divided opinion by posting a picture of himself with his 2-month-old daughter Max, waiting in the doctor's office for the young girl to get her vaccinations.

"Doctor’s visit – time for vaccines," wrote the multi-millionaire alongside the snap that he uploaded on to his Facebook page, for his 47.5M followers. Doting parents Mark and his wife Priscilla, dressed the little girl up in a colourful all-in-one suit to keep the youngster warm.

The photo Mark uploaded of himself with Max has caused controversy

Although many of the comments about the picture have been positive, the photo has come under fire by anti-vaccination supporters known as anti-vaxxers. Many anti-vaxxers believe that the ingredients that are put into vaccines are putting children at risk of conditions such as autism and other illnesses that can cause harm to young children.

One anti-vaccination campaigner known as Colleen Kenny wrote: "Herd immunity is a myth. Vaccines are largely ineffective and even if they don’t result in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or Austism Spectrum Disorder, they are extremely unhealthy and filled with toxic levels of aluminium[and] human DNA. I can’t trust the pharmaceutical industry. I’m so thankful to have a healthy child, who has a naturally strong immune system thts functions the way God created it to be. 8 vaccines in the 80s…40 vaccines today. No autism in the 80s, 1 in 68 today. Children are not healthier today. Period."

Mark and his wife Priscilla took the decision to vaccinate their two-month-old daughter

Despite these comments most users have praised the Facebook founder for vaccinating his child and for making his doctors trip public. One grateful parent wrote: "As someone with autism, with a son with autism, as someone who is constantly watching good people put their own children at serious risk because of old, fraudulent fears of vaccines and autism…thank you for being sensible."

Despite the Centers for Disease Control and other health officials denying any link between vaccinations and illnesses, over the past few years children’s vaccinations have become a contentious subject in the United States.

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