What was Barack Obama like at school? Michelle Obama reveals all

Most people would probably guess President Obama was the number one student growing up but his wife revealed that this wasn't the case. Michelle Obama opened up about how her husband's personal struggles pushed him to "make something" of himself.

During an appearance on The Real talk show, Michelle was honest when asked who got better grades in high school, her or her husband. "I mean, he will say it, it's not even close," she said while pointing at herself.


Michelle revealed that Barack wasn't the best student during high school

The mother-of-two had the auidence laughing when she revealed that the president wasn't a good boy at school. "Barack fooled around in high school. He's said it, he didn't take school seriously in high school, he barely got his work done – he was a bum," she said.

"And it took him a second because, you know, he had to grow up a little bit," she told the hosts, who interviewed her in the East Room of the White House.

She explained the president "got his act together" after school

"Now, he went to college, he went away right away but it wasn't until his second year, he transferred from Occidental to Columbia College and he was like, 'I gotta make something of my life. I gotta get it together.'"

Michelle explained that her husband, who was raised without a father, "was going through some stuff" in his youth and "had to figure himself out as man," as a reason behind his behaviour.

"It is never too late," she added. "The president of the United States screwed around in high school and he still got his act together. He did okay."

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