Sam Faiers defends boyfriend Paul Knightley against claims he is 'controlling'

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Following Sam Faiers and her boyfriend Paul Knightley's appearance on The Baby Dairies, the new mum has admitted that viewers did not see the "real" Paul on screen. Sam has defended her other half, saying that she couldn't ask for a "better partner".

Paul received some criticism from viewers who commented that the property developer was "controlling".

In the show Paul insisted on a homebirth, didn't approve of the baby clothes Sam had bought and refused to attend a yoga class. Paul also expected his heavily pregnant girlfriend to cook all of his meals, even after giving birth to their baby.



"He cares about me and the baby so much that people mistake that for being controlling," said Sam Faiers

In a new interview, the former TOWIE star has defended her boyfriend, saying that viewers mistook Paul for being controlling.

"I actually got more offended than Paul did," Sam told The Sun's Fabulous magazine. "Paul was like, 'Don't bite, I can take a bit of stick!' But he's never done TV before so he was nervous."

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Sam welcomed her son Paul, named after his father, in December

"The thing about Paul is that he cares about me and the baby so much that people mistake that for being controlling," explained Sam, 25. "When I showed him the baby clothes and he was like, 'I'm not too sure on that,' it's just because he really cares about how the baby looks. He's a perfectionist.

"He just wants me to be my best, look my best, have the best career I can. He's genuinely interested, whereas most blokes aren't."

When it comes to helping around the house, the Essex beauty admitted: "I was brought up in a family where the women cook and clean and the men go to work, and that's just the way we are. That's all I've known."

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After The Baby Diaries aired, Sam wrote: "It's just a TV show edited & made for good viewing"

Shortly after The Baby Diaries aired, Sam also took to Instagram to explain how Paul is her "hero". "Wow Paul really is getting some stick," she posted. "I wish people wouldn't look into it so much. It's just a TV show edited & made for good viewing.

"Yes he fell asleep reading baby books, didn't attend yoga & no he doesn't cook but he is the most caring loving man I know. & the best daddy to baby Paul. Also I'd like to add... This is the man who got me better from Crohn's disease. Months of studying and researching to find me alternative natural medication. He's my hero."

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The former TOWIE star celebrated her first Mother's Day as a mum

Despite the criticism her boyfriend faced, Sam has been staying positive and has thrown herself into motherhood. The TV star welcomed her son Paul, named after his father, in December, and so far, Sam has been enjoying many firsts.

On Sunday, Sam celebrated her first Mother's Day as a mum. Posting a photo of her designer gifts, pink balloons and a beautiful bouquet of roses, Sam wrote: "Happy Mother's Day my first Mother's Day thank you baby Paul.... I love you x."

The doting mum followed it up with another picture with her son, writing: "Had the best Mother's Day with my little family #blessed."

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