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Anna Friel talks about her daughter Gracie and her new acting role

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Anna Friel has revealed her daughter Gracie may well follow in her footsteps and pursue a career in the film industry. However the actress, who shares the ten-year-old with her former partner David Thewlis, said the talented youngster is more likely to work behind the camera as a director.

"She's been asked to act and she's really talented," Anna said during an appearance on ITV's The Jonathan Ross Show. "I think growing up in America for the first three, four years of life it gave her the perfect American accent so that's one thing she hasn't got to work on.

anna friel and daughter gracie

Anna Friel says her daughter Gracie could pursue a career as a director

"But she sees how hard mummy and daddy work and she sees the ups and the downs, and I think if anything she'd probably direct more than she would act right now. She makes amazing videos and she's a great photographer and she sings like an angel, she sings in Latin and Italian, she's a beautiful singer."

Anna continued: "We used to laugh when she'd say 'trashcan' and 'yoghurt' and now it's gone the other way because we've both got quite strong northern accents and her accent is quite posh."

marcella © Photo: ITV

Anna plays the lead role in new ITV drama Marcella

The 39-year-old is set to return to screens with a lead role in ITV crime drama Marcella, and has revealed that during filming some physical scenes she knocked herself out and got concussion.

"She gets quite physical," Anna said of her character. "There's one direction I have to push my husband who's just told me he doesn't love me anymore down the stairs but [in] the last job he'd just had, he played a boxer so he was very strong and he's really tall and my head comes up to his chest and as I'm pushing him down the stairs he came towards me…. and I knocked myself out and I got concussion to the point where the medic had to come up and I couldn’t quite see straight and they had to stop for about 20 minutes."