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Jessica Knowles continues to raise awareness for cervical cancer as she reveals ongoing treatment

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Jessica Knowles has been bravely speaking out about her cancer battle, and has posted an honest and open testimony about her treatment in her latest Instagram post. The mum-of-one has told her followers that although she received the all clear from her cancer after undergoing an operation, she is still struggling with her emotional and physical wellbeing, and has encouraged others to get themselves checked out as a precaution.

Jessica shared a photo of a needle, captioning: "Breakfast in bed. I think a huge misconception about getting the 'all clear' from cancer is that others think 'you're fine' mentally and'll be continuously told how 'lucky' you are and whilst I give thanks every single day that my cancer was cured I'm not sure I would describe any part of my situation as 'lucky'.


Jessica opened up about the disease

"It's frustrating continuously being told that you must be so 'happy' - like that's the only emotion I'm allowed to feel - if you, or someone you know, has or has had cancer they should be able to make up their own minds about how they feel from one day to the next.

"If you're overdue a smear test - go get one. It's not embarrassing or painful and is preferable to being told you have cancer, having surgery, injecting yourself for a month and wearing sexy compression stockings day and night for 6 months."

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The HELLO! Online blogger revealed that she had beaten cancer in a sweet video where she tells her baby son, 23-month-old Eddie, that she is better. She said: "Do you want to know a secret?" I'm better. Mummy is better," before the pair hug each other.  

She then shared a video of herself being sprayed with champagne in celebration of the news by her best friend, Layla Anna-Lee, writing: "The PERFECT way to celebrate beating cervical cancer @Laylaloves BFF in sickness and in health, Real tears."

Jessica encouraged other women to book their smear test

She add: "PS I do not recommend jumping around like that after surgery (was worth it for the moment) & compression stockings were back on after!"