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'It winds me up!' Michelle Keegan addresses those Mark Wright split rumours

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Michelle Keegan has admitted that she finds it "so annoying" when people speculate that she and her husband Mark Wright are on the verge of breaking up. The couple have been faced with a barrage of negative reports, claiming that their marriage is on the rocks.

"It's so annoying!" said Michelle, chatting to Nick Grimshaw on The BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

"The thing is I don't even read [the papers] anymore. It winds me up so I just let it run now. There are so many things and you can say 'It's not true, it's not true, I'm not wearing my ring for this reason,' but they don't seem to stop writing so you know what, let them write what they want."

michelle keegan1© Photo: Rex

"It winds me up so I just let it run now," said Michelle

"You can't engage in it. It just fuels it even more," she added. "They're still writing. It's just negativity and I can't be bothered with it. I just think, let's just be happy in life, there's more to life than being negative and putting a negative spin on things."

Michelle has been spotted not wearing her engagement and wedding rings on different occasions, fuelling split rumours. The couple have also had to spend long weeks apart due to their busy careers.

But on Wednesday, Mark and Michelle put on a cosy display as they headed to the BBC studios for Michelle's interview. The 29-year-old actress nailed casual chic, wearing khaki jeans and a printed blouse. Her doting husband Mark followed closely behind, wrapping an affectionate arm around his wife.

"He's in the other room," explained Michelle when Nick asked where he was. "He's working in London so he just jumped a lift with me."

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The couple married in May last year

The former Corrie star plays an army medic in her new drama Our Girl, which premieres on Wednesday night on BBC One. In the show, Michelle's character heads to Kenya for a humanitarian mission – a far cry from her soap days.

"I like all the gritty stuff and the fact that I get stripped back," said Michelle. "In Our Girl I couldn't wear any make-up because you wouldn't do that in the army and I loved that, it was very liberating. I had to walk around with greasy hair non-stop and it was great."

"I think I would love to do action again," said Michelle, revealing that she is thinking about her next project. "I loved the aspect of it and I've never done anything like that before."

michelle keegan2© Photo: Rex

Our Girl premieres on Wednesday night

Michelle and Nick also discussed the rather racy opening scene. Do those kind of scenes bother Mark? "To be fair he actually was reading the script with me so he knew what was going to happen, and he was at the first screening in London," said the actress.

"And because I was in Corrie, Tina in Corrie went with a few men, I think because he's seen it so many times it becomes the norm. He's not said anything about it, he's not really bothered and in a way I'm so glad. I think because we've been together so long he's not really bothered."