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'I am so grateful.' Charlie Webster reveals she has been discharged from hospital

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Charlie Webster has been discharged from hospital five weeks after contracting a rare strain of malaria while in Rio for the Olympic Games. The TV presenter's health deteriorated while in hospital and she was put on life support, with her mother Joy describing her daughter's hospital stay as "the worst time imaginable."

The 33-year-old posted an update on her health on Instagram, writing: "Hey, guess who?! After 5 weeks, I'm out of hospital, alive and finally recovering (even my kidneys have started to slowly improve)!


charlie webster© Photo: Instagram

Charlie was hospitalised after contracting malaria

"A big thank you to the doctor's in Rio and to the exceptional NHS and all the wonderful staff at St James for literally saving my life. I am so grateful for all your messages of support and to my family and friends who have been by my side throughout. Massive love."

She returned to the UK just last week to continue her treatment, and wrote about her experience at the hospital in Rio, thanking the staff for her care.

She said: "I'm so grateful to the staff at Copa D'Or hospital in Rio for the care I received, they saved my life. The last few weeks have been hell, I'm just so grateful to be here. I have the most wonderful family and friends supporting me and the well wishes from the public has been incredible.

charlie1© Photo: Getty Images

Charlie revealed she was recovering at home

"I'm happy to be home to continue my recovery in the UK."

The presenter became ill after completing a 3,000-mile charity cycle ride, and was originally thought be severely hydrated. Speaking of her hospitalisation, Charlie's mother Joy said: "Charlotte knows she nearly died, she mouthed to me earlier 'look at all the machines keeping me alive.'

"Charlotte is really strong but as the doctors keep reminding me, everyone heals differently. I am just so thankful that she's able to communicate with us again."