Kristin Cavallari on her favorite trend for fall and the 'boxes of shoes' she is saving for her daughter

By Tionah Lee

Kristin Cavallari finally has someone in her household who (once she is older) will appreciate her fashion sense – her and Jay Cutler’s daughter Saylor James. “I’m so happy I had a daughter,” the shoe designer told HELLO! during her showcase for her Emerald Duv jewelry line and Chinese Laundry shoe collection at Kia STYLE360 on September 15. “She is going to have a lot to choose from and will be a happy girl. I have boxes of shoes to give her.”

For now, the Balancing in Heels author shared that her nine-month-old is just sticking with “little socks that look like shoes with little bows and some that look like little ballet flats that are so adorable.”



Kristen talks about her 'timeless" shoe collection Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

And though Kristin, who also will be coming out with a cookbook, wishes her “bestie” will be into all things pink, she has a feeling that with two big brothers Camden, four, Jaxon, two, and a Chicago Bears quarterback as a dad, that may not be so realistic. “It’s going to be tough because I want her to be a girly-girly, because she is my only girl, but she has two older brothers so she is going to be a tomboy,” the 29-year-old said ahead of her presentation at the ROW NYC. “But you know what, as long as she is a tomboy with a ponytail, I’m cool I just want her to have a cute little ponytail on her head.”


Kristin may be outnumbered on the homefront with the male to female ratio, but she knows that doesn’t mean she needs to sacrifice her style as a mom of three under four.

Keep reading to learn more about her "timeless" collection, the perfect shoe for a mom on-the-go and what trend she is loving for the fall.


Kristin says that she plans on sharing all of her shoes with Saylor Photo: Instagram/@kristincavallari

Congrats on all the success with the line. Can you tell us a little about the presentation?
“Every collection I do, I always have trendy shoes, but I also have things that are timeless. All my shoes are staples, you know, they’re all versatile. You can wear my shoes with jeans and a t-shirt, or you can dress up and put on a dress to wear with them, so you can wear them day to night. And, they’re affordable, which I think is really important.”


What shoe would you suggest for on-the-go moms who still want to look fashionable?
“I have a flat with a pointed toe in my collection called the Chandy. You can throw it on with jeans, a t-shirt and a cute little blazer, and it will still look chic because it is trendy and a cutting edge shoe. It takes your outfit up a notch. Also a wedge, it’s comfortable to wear around the kids. It’s good for running around or date night or out to dinner. You can dance in them all night if you wanted to. There is really no place I wouldn’t wear a wedge – maybe the airport. No, I would wear them there!"

Trying to decide which shoe to wear tonight....decisions decisions. #KYLE #NewestMemberOfTheCollection

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Speaking of taking things up a notch, what trend are you taking into the fall with you to up your look?
“I’m really into thigh high boots. Honestly, I love the whole sex-pot look, but really, my favorite look with them is just basic jeans or even leggings and a great t-shirt."

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