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Exclusive interview: Liv Tyler talks being mum to Lula Rose: 'It's so nice to buy dresses'

Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Liv Tyler is loving every minute of being mum to her newborn daughter Lula Rose – and is particularly excited to be able to buy pretty little dresses for the very first time!

The 39-year-old actress has had a hectic year, filming series three of her HBO show The Leftovers, moving to from New York City to London, giving birth to her third child and releasing a new fashion range for Belstaff. But the busy working mum has proved that she really can do it all.



Liv released her latest collection with Belstaff

"[I'm] just getting on with it, like you do!" the 39-year-old exclusively told HELLO! Online about her hectic schedule. "I just had to go to Australia for two weeks which was really intense – I don't feel like I'm here yet. We just moved a month ago and then I had to go and film…and now this, so it's all happening."

But while life's busy as a mum of three (Lula Rose was born in July this year, and she already has two sons, 11-year-old Miles and one-year-old Sailor), the Lord of the Rings star is finding time to relish the arrival of a little girl in her otherwise male dominated household.

"It's so sweet. Every time I've gone into a children's store for the last eleven years I have to turn away from the girls stuff and go straight to the boys, I always think 'oh I want that so bad!,'" she said.

"It's so nice to be able to buy dresses. Stella McCartney is her godmother and she designs my favourite children's clothing in the world, I love her things and she's been sending so many adorable, sweet, little precious things."

Liv Tyler with Belstaff models

The star opened up about her new collection for Belstaff

Liv opened up about her two-month-old, and how she and her partner David Gardner decided on little Lula Rose's beautiful name, saying: "Her complexion she looks really good in pinks and florals…She's a very feminine little baby. She looks like a rose, that's why we gave her Rose as her middle name."

Chatting about managing life with a newborn, she said: "I think the most important thing is to focus on the bond with your baby and not focus on the pressure of everyone else's expectations…when I get overwhelmed I just sit down and hold my baby and just enjoy her and think that's all that matters…they're only little for a minute so you try and enjoy every moment of it.

"We all put so much pressure on ourselves. For a new mum it's the littlest things, it's just taking a bubble bath, ask a friend to help you…having a good support system around you – it's intense to take care of a new baby."

liv t 2© Photo: Instagram

Lula Rose is Liv's third child

The mother-of-three also revealed how much she enjoys dressing for maternity, and how she loves to "celebrate" her pregnancy. She said: "Maternity style is so fun. It's so fun to celebrate being pregnant. It's the only time ever that as you gain weight and get bigger and bigger people tell you you're absolutely gorgeous. It's a nice time because you want to celebrate the life inside of you and its time to play a little bit because you are going to put on the things that would usually fit and suddenly they don't fit anymore.

The fashion designer's latest project is a new collection for Belstaff, and is made up of classic pieces that the star says she'd love to wear herself. Speaking of the fashion icons she has in mind while designing, she said: "I think that just growing up in the world that I've grown up in and with the job that I do, it's just from being observant and meeting all of these amazing wonderful people you pick up little tip….from film costume designers and photographs and people and friends."

Watch the video below to see Liv's latest Belstaff collection... 

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