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Sarah Jessica Parker talks to Miley Cyrus about her return to TV with new show Divorce - 'It's something most of us experience'

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Sarah Jessica Parker is getting ready to make a dramatic return to television, nearly 12 years after the final season of Sex and the City aired on the small screen.

The 51-year-old actress - who stars in the new HBO show, Divorce - talked about her highly-anticipated return with guest host Miley Cyrus on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs on Thursday.

"I love the show, it's an unusual but amusing look at a marriage," she confessed, before adding: "I was simply interested in the idea of marriage and to see what that means in a relationship.



Sarah Jessica Parker is making a return to TV with new show, Divorce

"It's something most of us experience and it's really fascinating to see how different we all really are. Obviously, divorce plays a big role in this… I have friends who have contemplated divorce, survived divorce, the divorce has been their undoing.

"They've thought about affairs, contemplated affairs or they've had affairs and their marriages have survived or some didn’t. Then you factor in children and the financial stress. I think it's a story we all know, even if it's not our own."

Sarah - who is happily married to American actor Matthew Broderick, with whom she has three children - plays Frances, a woman who contemplates divorcing her husband of 17 years (played by Thomas Haden Church).

Speaking about her own marriage, which is coming up to twenty years in May, Sarah revealed portraying Frances was something she couldn't really relate to from her own personal experience.

SJP 2z

The 51-year-old actress talked about her return with guest host Miley Cyrus on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

"I like her because she has the kind of courage I admire," she explained. "But I am in a long marriage and I am really happy. We have a home which we find very satisfying."

She added: "I like the fact that she makes some scary, or ill-advised choices. She's just an interesting and unusual kind of woman to see on TV – she's honest and exhausted."

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