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Davinia Taylor reveals breast implant nightmare

Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon
Head of Digital
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Hollyoaks star Davinia Taylor has revealed she suffered a nightmare experience with her EE breast implants.

The 38-year-old actress, who has just returned to the hit show after an 18 year hiatus, says she discovered her implants had been leaking after deciding to have them removed.

Davinia Taylor suffered a breast implant nightmare

Davinia Taylor suffered a breast implant nightmare

The blonde actress told The Sun that her body had started retaining water in reaction to the leaking implants, which she had chosen to have when she was a teenager, to take her cup size from a B to a EE.

"I decided to have them removed because I was feeling much too top-heavy," she told the outlet. "But when the surgeon took them out, he told me they had leaked badly and that a thick layer of skin had formed around it to protect me. I was holding loads of water weight because my body was reacting to the leakage."

Having lost the failing implants, Davinia's body shed a lot of her excess weight and the actress says she felt like she had a new lease of life.

Davinia Taylor has returned to Hollyoaks

Davinia has returned to Hollyoaks after an 18 year break

The TV star, who starred in the Channel 4 soap from 1996-1998, has just returned to the show.

She plays the role of Cindy's big sister Jude Cunningham. The Cunningham family were one of the originals introduced during the very first episode of Hollyoaks in 1995. Stephanie Waring has played Cindy since the character's introduction, making it even more exciting to have the sisters back together after so long.