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Emma Willis reveals amazing post-baby body: 'I smashed it!'

Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon
Sophie Vokes-DudgeonHead of Digital
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Emma Willis has spent the past five weeks working off any remnants of post-pregnancy weight – and the results are pretty impressive.

The popular TV star, who gave birth to her third child, Trixie, back in May, had a deadline of an ad shoot for razor giant Gillette as the motivation for getting into tip top shape. And while the down-to-earth mum didn’t want to put herself under too much pressure, as the shoot date approached and the reality of having to bare her legs for the Venus commercial dawned on her, Emma became totally focused on looking the best she possibly could!


Emma Willis reveals her post baby body

"I had a goal," she told HELLO! Online. "This was happening and I wanted to look my best for it but I've never been one to jump into fitness straight after having a baby," she explained.

"I always say if you grow it for nine months it should take that time at least to go back to normal."But having spent just four months enjoying the excuse of new motherhood to ignore the call of the gym, Emma realised the time had come to focus on her figure.

"I smashed it for six weeks," she laughed. "I worked full on and I've never really done that before. I've always dipped in and out and stayed active, but I properly had a schedule, and a routine, and it worked!"

Clearly delighted with the results, Emma reveals she combined her gruelling workout schedule with looking after her kids, by getting her trainer to visit her at home. "Three times a week, he would come to the house, load his car up with all the equipment and we'd do it in the drive, in the garden, the kids came out to join in.

"Isabelle would come out when we were on the ladder to warm up, going 'What do I do? What do I do?' Following me up and down and getting in the way!"

Emma shows us around her dressing room

While Emma ate healthily, weight wasn't her focus. "It's not about weight for me, I don't know if I lost weight, but I saw differences," she said. "It wasn't about losing weight and getting skinnier, I just wanted to have a shape again, and have strength."

The Big Brother host is very aware she was lucky in one sense – her newborn daughter, Trixie, has been very easy, which has given the new mum time to dedicate to fitness.

Emma Willis has worked hard to shed her pregnancy weight

"We had the most incredibly well behaved baby which made it much easier," she admits. "My parents were with us the whole time."And while she says she misses daughter Trixie when she's not with her, being able to do the odd day's work here and there while her baby is still young is something she really enjoys.

"It's all consuming, constantly, a constant stream of feeding, cleaning, winding, and that cycle again and again, so it's much easier job to be at work," she says, laughing, "It is good for your sanity."

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