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Danny Dyer discovers he's related to two Kings of England: 'It's crazy'

Ainhoa Barcelona
Content Managing Editor
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He is known to fans as Mick Carter on EastEnders but Danny Dyer has some rather lofty heritage.

The actor has recently discovered that he is a direct descendant of two Kings of England – William the Conqueror and Edward III.

Danny, 39, also found out that he has blood ties to Thomas Cromwell, the Tudor politician and Henry VIII's adviser. He made the discovery while featuring in the new upcoming series of Who Do You Think You Are?

danny dyer royalty2© Photo: Getty Images

"It's crazy," said Danny

"It's crazy, but the fact of the matter is that I am a direct descendant of royalty," the soap star told Radio Times.

He admitted that he feels more of a connection to Thomas Cromwell, who is portrayed by Mark Rylance in BBC's Wolf Hall.

danny dyer royalty1© Photo: Getty Images

The EastEnders star is known to fans as Mick Carter

"He came from a slum, I come from a slum," said Danny. "Cromwell left the country at 14, I started acting at 14. He was a self-taught lawyer. I'm a self-taught actor.

"Cromwell had two daughters and a son. I've got two daughters and a son. Cromwell wrote his last letter to Henry VIII begging for his life, on July 24, which is my birthday… And I drink in the Anne Boleyn pub."

danny dyer royalty3© Photo: Getty Images

Danny, 39, with his daughter Dani

The newlywed, who recently married his fiancée Joanne Mas in a wedding covered by HELLO!, went on to praise Mark's performance in the period drama.

Describing Wolf Hall as "sheer brilliance", Danny said: "Rylance was my mentor when I was 17. I felt invincible at the time. I thought I knew it all. Then I met Rylance and I went, 'I know bugger all.' He's not somebody you ask questions. You just watch, soak it all up."

danny dyer group2© Photo: HELLO!

The actor married his sweetheart Jo in a wedding exclusively covered by HELLO!

Danny is not the first celebrity to discover his royal connections on Who Do You Think You Are?

Rower Matthew Pinsent, comedian Alexander Armstrong and the BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner have all traced their ancestry back to William I, who had at least nine children.