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5 life lessons we learned from Blue Ivy

By Ava Baccari

blue ivy
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When your parents are celebrity power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z,it's easy to see why their adorable daughter Blue Ivy would follow in mum anddad's footsteps. And yet as the well-dressed offspring of the Formation stylestar – she's known to step out in floral Gucci ensembles that match her mum,after all – turned five on Saturday, the littlest Carter is already blazing a pathof her own.


Blue stole the show at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

Since her arrival in 2012, Beyoncé's mini-me has modelledcouture (she wore Mischka Aoki's $11,000 "Grande Royalle" dress tothe 2016 MTV Video Music Awards), travelled to the south of France and madefriends with the children of other A-listers, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's daughter, Apple. So it's clear that Blue Ivy, born with enviablygood taste, has gleaned some nuggets of worldly wisdom along the way that wecan all learn from. Here, we round up five lessons we learned from theinimitable Blue Ivy Carter.

1. Your mum is your best style twin. Whetherit's stepping out in matching Ray-Ban Wayfarers or feathered couture gowns,this mother-daughter duo keeps all eyes and cameras on them. Of course, ithelps to have easy access to Beyoncé's closet when getting ready for the redcarpet. Need further proof? It's clear that Beyoncé inherited good style genesfrom her own mum, fashion designer Tina, so there's no doubt it runs in thefamily.

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2. The value of friendship. It's important to havebrunch goals growing up, so who better to show you the ropes (and offer adviceon clean eating) than 12-year-old Apple Martin? Blue Ivy counts Apple as partof her inner circle of friends, which now includes Mariah Carey's twins, Monroeand Moroccan, 5.

3. Why everyone needs a "cool aunt." Sometimesit's not enough to have the coolest couple in the music industry as your mumand dad – so it helps to have a singer-songwriter-actress aunt in the picture.Solange Knowles is a prominent role model in little Blue's life, and we cansafely say she makes for an epic and stylish babysitter, too.


 Blue and her Aunt Solange

4. The importance of quality time with your family. This canbe spent twinning on the red carpet with your famous mum (see lesson #1),taking family selfies together in front of the Eiffel Tower, or enjoying brunchand a leisurely stroll (or boat cruise!) while vacationing in St. Tropez.


 The fashionable tot is the apple of her Daddy's eye!

5. You're always a daddy's girl at heart! While Blueis usually stuck like glue to her mum Queen Bey it's clear that she's also theapple of her dad's eye. The pair proudly supported Beyoncé, who was honouredwith 2016 CFDA Awards Fashion Icon title last June, by arriving in matchingcrisp, monochromatic tuxedos with adorable bow ties. She even took matters intoher own hands by shooing away photographers who got to close, leaving her dadbeaming with pride. Now that's a boss-in-the-making!

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