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​Mike Myers stars in epic dance-off against Jimmy Fallon

By Sarah Walker

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We always knew Mike Myers and Jimmy Fallon could improvise stand-up routines, but we didn't know they could do the same with dancing!

On Tuesday night, the duo took to the stage of The Tonight Show to show off some of their most original moves. The twist to the whole thing was that the steps were decided by massive dice that featured made up names of dance routines.

Mike Myers and Jimmy Have a Dice Dance-Off

Dressed in a red sweatsuit emblazoned with Canada, Mike started the battle off with some decidedly Austin Powers moves after rolling "Perpetual Motion." Next up was Jimmy, dressed in a blue U.S.A. suit, who did an interpretive dance of a security pat-down after his dice landed on "Which Pocket Did I Put My Keys In?"

"Not bad for an American," the So I Married An Axe Murderer star said upon the routine's completion. He then went on to roll his dice by saying, "Check this oot," before building a set around "Hot Poutine." "I've had poutine before," was Jimmy's response to Mike's sexy moves. "And I've had better poutine." The 42-year-old host wrapped up the set by acting out a "Windy Plastic Bag" to a tune that was reminiscent of Whip It.


Mike represented Canada in the epic dance-off

"That was good," clapped the Wayne's World actor, slightly out of breath. "Why don't we come together," responded Jimmy, "and dance with each other [one last time]?" "Are you saying we do it together... you mean our two nations as one? Could this be the dance version of the Treaty of Ghent that ended the War of 1812?" noted Mike. "Yes! Sure it can!" said the TV host.


The pair showed their moves in the hilarious dance off

The result was a ridiculous finale based on "The Slip N Slide." To believe the moves, you'll have to watch the video for yourself. The Canadian star visited the late-evening show to promote his new book, Canada, featuring anecdotes of the Great White North. “In my book I talk about my 53-year relationship with the country that I love, which is Canada,” Mike said in a promotional video. He's called the read, "part memoir, part history and pure entertainment."