Ant and Dec’s top five best celebrity pranks

To celebrate the return of Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, we take a look back at Ant and Dec's finest celebrity pranks. From appearing as contestants to mess with Simon Cowell on American Idol to acting as One Direction's number one fans, the pair always manage to pull the wool over their chosen celeb's eyes!

James Corden

Poor James Corden looked on the edge when it appeared that a man had been badly injured on his show (of course, this was the work of Ant, Dec and a trained stuntman)! While he tried to keep it together, Ant and Dec appeared to put him out of his misery, leading him to throw his cards at the pair before putting his hands over his face with relief. The pair also annoyed him on the same morning by planting an actor by the security gate to refuse him entry into the television studios and another to park in his spot in the carpark.

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Holly Willoughby

Holly was shocked while presenting Surprise Surprise when a man's televised proposal (with the help of Blue) went horribly wrong, with the woman rejecting the proposal while admitting she was actually in love with her boss. Since Ant and Dec are good friends with the This Morning presenter, they wore plenty of prosthetics to carry the prank off successfully, and their efforts weren't in vain! Holly looked terrified as the events unfolded in front of her before trying to comfort the devastated woman, who was of course played by an actress!

One Direction

The 1D boys were left snickering when they were asked some odd questions by 'New Zealand' news anchors, one of whom was played by Ant. They then looked seriously out of their comfort zone when they went to meet their two 'number one fans' (one played by Dec) who became hysterical and needed medical attention in reaction to seeing the boys.

Simon Cowell

The boys totally fooled Simon when they pretended to be brothers auditioning for American Idol. The pair, who hid their identities with the help of some fake facial hair and sunglasses, performed Paula Abdul's Opposites Attract to the confused judges. However, Simon eventually clicked who they could be and began laughing before hugging the pair.

Olly Murs

Olly Murs was left slightly terrified after he gets stuck in a 'malfunctioning' machine while he thinks he is getting photographed for a Madame Tussauds waxwork. The star shouted "get me out" as the machine sparked, and only clicked that he was being pranked when Dec said: "There is no way we're going to make a wax figurine out of you," with Ant adding: "But we could make a dummy out of you!"