Alan Davis reveals why he won't let his own children watch TV

Alan Davies might have made a name for himself on TV, but he actively discourages his own children from watching the box. The 50-year-old – star of Jonathan Creek and QI – has revealed he thinks exposure to television screens is bad for his young family. "To be honest, we try to keep them away from the telly," Alan told the Radio Times. "Life's too short. Old and knackered parents, you can sit and watch telly. But children doing it is so depressing. We're convinced it scrambles their minds."


Alan Davies and wife Katie Maskell discourage their three children from watching TV

Alan and his novelist wife Katie Maskell are parents to three children; Suzie, six, Bobby, five and 16-month-old Francis. He added: "They never seem to like what they're looking at and we don't let the one-year-old anywhere near a screen." Alan also revealed that his children have only seen him on TV once. "It was on the Royal Variety performance, in which I talked about going to the soft play with them, which my daughter thought was hysterical. But it was slightly disturbing, watching her watching me."

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness follow a "no screen" rule on weekdays

Alan isn't the only star who limits TV time. Hugh Jackman has previously revealed that he follows a "no screen" rule for son Oscar and daughter Ava on weekdays. "A buddy of mine has a rule that I installed – no screens during the week," he told People. "No TV, or computer, or anything like that. Kids nowadays have very little time. They seem to be at school longer than ever. They have all sorts of after-school activities. By the time you have eaten and showered and dressed, it is over. So there is not much time for it anyway."