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Charlie Hunnam has a 'little bit of a crush' on co-star David Beckham

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Charlie Hunnam loves David Beckham just like the rest of us! The British actor recently revealed that he, like most people, developed a crush on the 'humble' and 'kind' dad-of-four while working on the film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, in which David has a small role. "I'm not a football man, so upfront, I didn't really have a strong feeling one way or another. But by the time he left, I had a little bit of a crush on him. He was pretty [freaking] cool" the Pacific Rim actor told Mr. Porter magazine.


 The British actor revealed to Mr Porter magazine how impressed he was of David's acting ability

The 36-year-old actor also told the publication how pleasantly surprised he was of David’s acting ability, as it is not “his primary focus.” “I was really blown away. It became very clear why and how Beckham’s become the phenomenon that he has.” The Sons of Anarchy star recalled to the outlet how the father of four went all out while working on the film, even having industry professionals assist him at all times. He was “determined to do a good job. He worked with a dialect coach, and maybe an acting coach,” Charlie explained.


The retired footballer asked co-star Charlie Hunnam for acting advice

Eager to do his best, David didn’t shy away from asking Charlie for a few tips and tricks along the way. “[He] asked me my opinion a few times on different bits and bobs. I don’t know if it was any help or not!” You can catch David’s performance when King Arthur: Legend of the Sword hits theatres on 12 May.

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