Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford reveal secret to happy marriage

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford have been blissfully married since 2010. The couple, who have a 15-year-old son together, were in a relationship for 12 years prior to saying "I do". When asked what their secret to a happy relationship is, Eamonn said: "Just to keep talking and to keep laughing." Ruth agreed, saying: "We do laugh a lot. People say, 'Oh Eamonn and Ruth always bicker,' and we do, but we also laugh a lot."

EXCLUSIVE: Eamonn and Ruth's wedding photos

Eamonn may take the mickey out of his wife on This Morning, the daytime TV show they both co-present on Fridays, but the Northern Irish star is a softie at heart and regularly praises his wife on social media. "I love my wife," Eamonn said, speaking at the launch of This Morning Live. Over Easter, the TV star shared a picture of Ruth baking in the kitchen. "Even on her odd day off my lovely wife never rests," he wrote. "She's been #baking #Easter things all day. #Love her so much. ❤ #domesticgoddess."

Ruth and Eamonn have a 15-year-old son together

The couple are no strangers to sharing stories of their family life on This Morning. Ruth recently revealed how her husband asked her mum's permission for her hand in marriage, as Ruth's father had dementia. He sadly passed away in 2012. "My father obviously couldn't give him permission so Eamonn asked my mum," Ruth told viewers. "I didn't know this and I thought that was a really lovely thing to do." Her husband remarked: "And you did cry… And you're going to cry again."

Eamonn and Ruth met the tallest man in Britain

On Friday, the married couple, both 57, welcomed a host of guests to the This Morning sofa, including Britain's tallest man. Paul Sturgess, who stands at 7ft 7.26in, is a professional basketball player who hails from Loughborough. The athlete revealed that he eats 7,000 calories a day to fuel his 25 stone frame, and has size 19 trainers especially made for him by Adidas.