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Peter Andre on raising baby 'Theodorable' and 'caring' big sister Amelia: exclusive

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With four children under the age of 11, Peter Andre has his hands full. The singer and his wife Emily MacDonagh welcomed their second child – baby Theo – in November, and Pete knows all too well that raising a newborn is no easy feat. Little Theo hasn't quite settled into the seven to seven routine, but he's just too cute that Pete doesn't mind. Speaking about the differences between Theo and older sister Amelia, three, Pete said: "Amelia was an absolute dream. At six weeks old she was sleeping 12 hours. I remember I was getting up after I'd slept for nine hours, going, 'Something's not quite right here'. And I'd start getting worried but then I realised she just loves sleeping – my girl!

"Theo's not as excited about sleeping but he's so adorable, which is why we call him Theodorable. The minute he wakes up, he's just got the biggest smile on his face. He's harder to settle, he doesn't sleep through, he does wake up a lot but that's his little journey and we're gonna look back on it and think, 'God that was so long ago we don't even remember.'"

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"She's a very, very caring child," said Pete of his daughter Amelia

Pete, who is the face of Oykos, added that Amelia likes to help out with her baby brother, as do Junior, 11, and Bista, nine – Pete's two children from his previous marriage to Katie Price. "Amelia loves doing things like making cakes," he said. "What really gets me is, she's only three, but she says things like, 'I'm making you a cake Dad because you work hard.' It's things like that that blow me away, and just the fact that she thinks like that. She's a very, very caring child."

There's no sibling rivalry either, as Pete and Emily have made sure to involve their children in everything from the start. "I said to Emily, 'Right, if you're going to be spending time with Theo, I've got to be with the other kids doing loads of stuff, playing football, doing this, doing that. Then I'll swap with you and then the kids will never feel left out,'" said Pete.

"Because I remember when I found out I was having a boy, I remember Junior saying, 'Am I still going to be special to you?' I was like, 'Are you kidding me? You're like everything to me.' I involved them in everything, the kids actually picked the name. We narrowed it down to Theo, James, Matthew, Thomas and Oscar. And the kids were all saying Theo, so they helped pick the name, they help change him sometimes. It makes them feel involved and loved and not just put aside."

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"I involved them in everything, the kids actually picked the name," said Pete

Junior doctor Emily, 27, has taken to motherhood like "a duck to water", said Pete. "She is such a fabulous mum and I'm not just saying that. Sometimes when I have Theo for the day, I don't realise how much there is to organise. I know it sounds silly but because he's in a routine, Emily is so good at putting him through the routine, I actually need to have everything written down. She just organises everything, she's just great."

Naturally, Emily is protective of her children, who haven't been raised in the public eye like Pete's two older children Junior and Bista. He openly admits that Emily doesn't like it when he shares photos of their youngsters on Instagram. "But I can't help it!" said Pete. "I'm a proud dad. If I think it's harmless, then I'll share it. But if I think, 'Oh is she going to get upset by it?' then I definitely check with her first. Most times she's ok and says, 'I guess you can't see their face.' And I've got to respect that, but I'm also a proud dad!

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The family dote on baby Theo, who was born in November

"I think Emily just wants them to go to school and not be recognised, so they're just normal children. And I can understand that. Obviously with Junior and Bista they were in the public eye from a very, very young age. But I've got to respect Emily's decision and I understand that."

Pete's next adventure will take him to Oykos island in Mykonos, as the face of Oykos yoghurt. The singer has just launched a competition where three lucky winners and their guests will have the chance to stay in a luxury villa in Oykos, accompanied by Pete himself. "I'm going to hang out with the winners, and it's just going to be wonderful," said Pete. "They might want to kick me out. If I had a villa on my own, would I want someone in my face all the time? I'd be like, 'Yeah ok mate, just get us a drink and leave.' I'll stay as long as I'm wanted! But I'm fun to hang out with, I won't be boring!"

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Pete is the face of Oykos yoghurts

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