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Ellen DeGeneres catches audience member stealing

Nancy should have thought twice before stealing from Ellen!

ellen degeneres
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Ellen DeGeneres outed one of her audience members after she was caught stealing! During the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen explained that she had left out goodies for her audience members, with a sign requested that each person only takes one souvenir. However, what the audience didn't realise was that they were secretly being filmed, and Ellen called out the one person who treated herself a little too much to the free goodies before putting her in 'Ellen jail'!

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Explaining the situation, Ellen said: "Before the show I put out some Ellen products with a sign saying only one per person… It turns out you're very honest! Really, amazing!" She showed one clip of a girl who wanted two items, but decides to buy the second item later to stick to the rule. The chat show host ended up giving her the item as a gift, saying: "That's for you for being honest!"

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She then revealed that one woman had taken more than she should have, adding: "That's so amazing! Any of you could have taken more than one thing but you didn't! Expect for these ladies right here."

The hidden camera showed an audience member picking up several items and hushing her friend when she asked if she was taking more stuff. Finding the embarrassed woman in the audience, Ellen asked her why she took more than one item.

ellen degeneres

Ellen spoke to Nancy about why she stole the extra items

The red-faced woman, Nancy, explained that she picked up an extra item for her sister who couldn't make it to the filming. "A lot of people's sister's couldn't come," Ellen joked, before adding: "Ah Nancy. So, look, I like that you liked the products so much that you wanted to bring one back for your sister but… Listen, I really am sorry, that's embarrassing and everything but let that be a lesson to you! You go sit in that Ellen jail over there right now!"

Viewers were quick to discuss Nancy, with one writing: "I hate how people just laughed this off! She's clearly not a nice person by taking advantage of Ellen's kindness," while another posted a gif which read: "It is what she deserves."

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