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Susan Boyle talks years of abuse at the hands of neighbourhood bullies

Susan Boyle bravely said that she will stay at her childhood home, despite the abuse

susan boyle
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Susan Boyle has spoken candidly about enduring years of abuse at the hands of local bullies, who constantly disturb her at her home in West Lothian, Scotland. Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, the popular singer revealed that she won't leave her family home despite the abuse. "I love my house, it's where I grew up," she said. "Why would I move out because of a group of teenagers who behave like that? They are bullies who shout and throw things, but it is my home and where I feel safe."

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susan boyle© Photo: Getty Images

Susan opened up about her harrowing experiences with bullies

The star continued: "I love my neighbours, they are the most beautiful group of people who always look out for me and make sure I am OK. It's where I grew up with my mum and dad and it has memories. Why should I move because of a group of daft laddies, who at 15 years old should know to behave better?" Susan, who found fame after winning the nation's hearts on Britain's Got Talent in 2009, told the newspaper that her tormentors have thrown stones at her on the bus, and have thrown paper they had set on fire at her.

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Susan was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in 2013, and opened up to HELLO! about the disorder. She said: "It's hard but having Asperger's doesn't mean I can't get on with a normal life. However, it is tougher in the music industry - they don't understand it. Any change in life, so quickly, is stressful because one minute you're at home with your cat and the next you're away with all of the camera people. Now I'm getting used to it; I have to get used to touring."