Megan Fox under fire for son Noah's Frozen costume

The reaction to Megan Fox's photo was mixed, with many defending the actress

Megan Fox posted an adorable collage of photos on her Instagram on Tuesday, with one snap showing her eldest son, four-year-old Noah, dressed up as Queen Elsa from the popular Disney film, Frozen. The reaction to the star's photo was mixed, with some people questioning why Megan dressed her son up in a dress. 

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Noah was dressed in a Elsa costume

However, others were quick to come to the mum-of-three's defence, with one writing: "Beautiful to see your boy expressing himself. My four-year-old son loves to play dress up (with dresses) and LOVES Frozen and I fear he will someday be judged for it, and how it will make him feel. I just love letting him be who he is and that you do the same," while another added: "What's not to understand. Children play dress up. He's been photographed wearing a Peter Pan costume, a Snow White one too... If I'd had a costume when I was a kid, I would have been Wolverine."

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Bodhi: Stunner. Clown. Unicorn.

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Megan isn't the first celebrity to have received criticism for letting their youngsters dress up, as Charlize Theron came under fire after she was spotted out with her son, Jackson, who was dressed in an Elsa costume. Jackson is a fan of the film, and Emily Blunt revealed that the four-year-old thought she was the character while on the set of The Huntsman: Winter's War. Chatting to Jimmy Kimmel, Emily said: "Charlize's son was on set a lot and he was obsessed with Frozen. He really thought I was Elsa. He got really disappointed because he saw me in my sweatpants one day with the white hair on. He just looked at me and he goes, 'Put on your dress.' He was really bummed about it. 'Put it on now.'"