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5 things we learned from Drew Barrymore’s interview with Millie Bobby Brown

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Meaghan Wray
Meaghan Wray - Toronto
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Millie Bobby Brown is a force to be reckoned with! The 13-year-old actress shot to stardom following her Hollywood debut as Eleven on Netflix’s science-fiction thriller Stranger Things. She's been garnering attention for more than just her incredible acting skills; she has an awesome personality, as well. Millie reveals her totally down-to-earth and incredibly mature nature on the cover of Teen Vogue, and who better to interview her than E.T. actress Drew Barrymore, an actress who was also a hugely successful child star? Here, 5 things we learned from their heartfelt interview.

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Millie covers Teen Vogue’s Vol. III edition

Millie has three siblings - one brother and two sisters - and they're all extremely close. Her 19-year-old brother Charley is her best friend; Ava, five, brings out the child in her; and she hangs out with 23-year-old Paige everywhere. Of her family, the Hollywood star shared: "My mum helps me look my age. Like, I can play with makeup, but I can’t go crazy. She's also like, 'You can't wear that crop top,'" she continued: "My dad is security, while my siblings take care of my eating, keep me grounded, and make sure I get rest. We are a team."

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She’s nothing like her Stranger Things character Eleven

She actually has the totally opposite personality to her Stranger Things character Eleven - and that’s what makes her job so much fun! The young star shared: "She’s the opposite of me! I’m crazy and very loud. That’s why I love her so much, because I get to play a different person as soon as they call, 'Action!'"

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She knew nothing about Eleven before getting the part!

Before getting the role of Eleven, Millie completed four audition tapes with different scenes. Three weeks later, she Skyped with Stranger Things’ creators, the Duffer Brothers. She didn’t know anything about her character before landing the gig, she revealed: "We talked about '80s movies. And I didn't know anything about Eleven at that point, and they were referencing E.T. and I was like, 'What, what? I'm an alien now?'"

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She's totally unfazed by social media

Millie has a pretty strong head on her shoulders! Unlike most teenagers these days, she doesn’t seem to let social media distract her from her bigger goals: "I don'’t mind growing up during this time. I can live without my phone, Instagram, or any other social media accounts. I just want to act. That stuff does not distract me."

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She’s a huge fan of Drew

Millie revealed that being interviewed by Drew for Teen Vogue actually made her pretty nervous: "When I was told, 'Drew Barrymore is going to interview you for Teen Vogue,' I was like, OMG! I was freaking out. I don't know if you heard, but I've been trembling on the phone this whole time!" Aww.