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Why Kate Hudson keeps her moisturiser on crystals! Plus more stars crazy for the gemstones

The actress believes in the energising power of crystals

kate hudson
Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
7 February 2018
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kate hudson crystals© Photo: Instagram

Kate Hudson has surprised her followers on Instagram by revealing the interesting way she stores her face cream!

The actress likes to put her moisturisers on top of crystals to give them a boost of energy. Ok, it sounds bizarre, put perhaps there's something in it. Stars from Adele to Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry are known for their love of crystals to energise and balance emotions.

In Kate's photo, we see celebrities' favourite moisturiser La Mer resting on crystals, with the caption: "May seem crazy but don’t underestimate putting your creams on crystals to add a little extra energy. My number one @lamermoisturizing cream!"

The actress' fans loved the tip, with one writing: "That's a great idea actually." Another said: "So true. I like to keep my jewellery in a specific little gem dish to infuse it with my desired vibes for the following day too! Putting some rose quartz in a rose water spray to set your makeup or hydrate your face before bed can do wonders too!" 

Click through the photo gallery to see the celebrities who swear by the power of crystals

victoria beckham crystals© Photo: Getty Images

Victoria Beckham

Yes, even Victoria Beckham is partial to the power of crystals. The fashion designer revealed back in 2014 that she uses the stones backstage at her fashion shows.

She said: "If I told you my backstage rituals, and was honest, you would think I was a little weird. I carry my crystals with me which some people might think as odd but it works for us."

miranda kerr crystals© Photo: Instagram

Miranda Kerr

Model Miranda has spoken of her love of crystals, revealing she even keeps rose quartz in her bra! She told The Cut: “Rose quartz… is my all-time favourite crystal. I really notice the difference when I’m holding it. I keep one in my handbag. I have a small heart-shaped one I put in my bra."

The star explained the crystals open the heart chakra, promote self-love and have healing powers.

kim kardashian crystals© Photo: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian

Kim used crystals to recover from her Paris robbery ordeal. She told Extra: "I kind of got into healing crystals more recently. The last year, when I took about a year off after my whole Paris incident, everyone would come over and bring me healing crystals and I didn't really get it at first.

"And then I really started to research it and Google it and a friend of mine took me down to this crystal warehouse in Culver City (Los Angeles) and it was just crystals everywhere and they explained what everything meant to me and it just clicked then for me."

adele crystals© Photo: Getty Images


Singer Adele carries crystals while she performs on stage. In 2016, she revealed to The Sun: “I was so nervous about my comeback show and I was panicking. I was out of practice and I was busy being a Mum. But it was one of the best shows I’ve ever done and I had these bloody crystals in my hand.”

katy perry crystals© Photo: Getty Images

Katy Perry

Popstar Katy Perry is another famous fan of the healing properties of crystals. In 2014, she told Cosmopolitan: “I don’t stay single for long. I carry a lot of rose quartz, which attracts the male. Maybe I need to calm it down with amethyst.”

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