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Eva Longoria reveals how she is prepping for baby as she discusses new fashion line

By Alisandra Puliti

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Eva Longoria hasn’t slowed down with pregnancy. The actress,who is expecting her first child with husband Jose ‘Pepe’ Baston in a fewmonths, has the remake of Overboard coming out in May, is producing a pilot forABC called Grand Hotel and is launching the Eva Longoria Collection on HSN. “Ifeel great,” she tells HELLO! from set in Miami. “I’m in the golden month ofthe second trimester. It’s a lot of fun to keep working, have energy and not beextremely tired anymore.”

The former Desperate Housewives actress, who is already astepmom of three, does plan to take a break once she wraps the pilot andappears on HSN to promote her new line that ranges from $25 - $200. “I’ll actually be taking some time offto nest,” she adds. “And really just focus on the baby before he arrives.”

The actress-turned-producer is all about comfort during her pregnancy Photo: Getty Images

Once they welcome their son, the activist has been vocalabout wanting to raise a ‘good man,’ someone who will surely take after hisdad. “He is just the greatest guy in the world,” she says of her husband of closeto two years. “He can’t get any better.”


But in regards to their little bundle and other young boysout there, the Time’s Up advocate knows how to spread the word of girl power. “Womencan show young boys, role models – look at these amazing women doing amazingthings,” she shares. “That’s the consciousness and change we need in young men –isequality is natural to society, not an anomaly.”

Keep reading for more on what she thinks of her maternitystyle and why her new collection will make women feel empowered.

Eva jokes that the bombers are the only things of her line that are still fitting her Photo: HSN

HELLO!: You are one of the busiest people we know! How areyou feeling?“Good, good. I’m working so nothing new. I’m on set inbetween takes of The Grand Hotel. We’re hot and outside in the middle of SpringBreak so that’s presenting some challenges, but I love it. I love producing, Ilove this cast. We are having a lot of fun.”

And aside from TV and film, you now have a namesakecollection. How was it coming up with the designs?“I’ve been sewing since I was seven. I knew when I was goingto start my clothing line I didn’t want to just put my name on a label. Iwanted to be authentically me. That’s really what I feel like I’ve succeededwith this line. I think you have to feel empowered in what you wear and that’sphysically and emotionally. Physically does the fabric feel good against yourskin, emotionally do you feel like a bad ass when you’re wearing those jeans ora boss lady in that bomber. I want women to invoke that when you put on a pieceof clothing.”

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Do you find that rings even truer when pregnant?“I have no style guide for being pregnant. I think the onlystyle guide when being pregnant is comfort. My line is definitely notmaternity, it’s just a normal line for women. [The bombers] are the only thingI’m wearing right now which actually enhances whatever is left of my waistline.”

Your pregnancy style is great though.“Thank you so much. I feel like I’m not doing that great ofa job.”

Did you think a lot about what you love in your own wardrobewhen coming up with the styles?“It definitely stems from my everyday style, and it’s alsoinfluenced from my travels. Every city has a different style language so kindof borrowing from all over the world – London, Paris, Spain. I actually likebringing all that into one collection for people to have access to.”

Eva wore her floral jumpsuit while out and about with her husband in January 2018 Photo: GC Images

Any friends give their input when coming up with the looks?“Oh yea. All my girlfriends are my test models. They arelike ‘I love this jean, it gives me a perky butt,’ or everybody loves thebombers. I definitely use them as my focus group. The main thing is to not haveto buy two wardrobes – one for day time and one for social life. I like to callthis line from work to wine because you can incorporate a lot of these pieces inyour social life or work.”

Be sure to watch Eva on HSN Thursday at 9 p.m. EST or Friday at 10 a.m. EST.

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