Emma Bunton shares rare photo of sons – and they are nearly as tall as her!

The former Spice Girl is mum to boys Beau, 10, and six-year-old Tate

Hanna Fillingham

Emma Bunton is a doting mum to sons Beau, 10, and six-year-old Tate, and very rarely shares photographs of them in order to protect their privacy. However, on Sunday, the former Spice Girl delighted her followers on Instagram when she posted a photo of her with her boys during a trip to the beach. The picture showed Emma embracing her sons, and was captioned: "My absolute world." Emma's son Beau in particular is quickly catching up with his mum, and will soon be towering over her! Emma also shared another candid snapshot of her children with their arms wrapped around each other as they stood looking out at the sea. "Love each other," she captioned the post.


Emma Bunton's sons are getting as tall as her!

Beau and Tate are Emma's sons with her fiancé Jade Jones. The couple have been engaged since 2011, but Emma has always maintained that she doesn't need a wedding to justify her relationship. The doting mum has previously opened up to MailOnline about her desire to expand her family. "I've always been very maternal and I love being around children," she said. "I think if I'm lucky enough that would be something wonderful." She revealed: "I'm always broody. I love every stage really. And obviously now I've got a nine-year-old and a five-year-old, they're going through different things. The whole thing about the smell of a baby, holding a newborn. Oh my goodness, there's nothing quite like it. And their skin is so delicate and soft and gorgeous. It's a very, very special time."

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Emma has previously said it would be "wonderful" to have another child

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Emma has also hinted that her two children are following in their parents' musical footsteps. During a talk on the UNICEF campaign to fight childhood malnutrition, she opened up about sweet memories from her sons’ past. "When my boys were toddlers I’d sit here and sing ‘You are my sunshine’ to them while the light streamed in on us," she said. "When they reached the stage where they could start singing along it really was a magical moment and one I’ll always remember."

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