Gordon Ramsay enjoys a night out with his children – see what they got up to

The celebrity chef shares four children with wife Tana Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana enjoyed spending some quality time with their 18-year-old twins Holly and Jack this week, and it looks like they had a wonderful time! The celebrity chef treated his family to pizza at his Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza restaurant in London, where they enjoyed tucking into pizza which was washed down with prosecco. Missing from the meal were Gordon and Tana's other two children, Megan, 19, and Tilly, 16 – who celebrated finishing her GCSE exams on Wednesday. The budding chef took to Instagram to share her delight, posting a photo of herself in the back of the car, captioning it: "GCSEs done" accompanied by love heart emojis and a smiley face.

Gordon Ramsay and his family enjoyed a night out at his restaurant

The Ramsay family are extremely close, and divide their time between London and LA – where they spend their summers. It's been a particularly busy year for Holly and Jack, who ran the London Marathon back in April to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital in memory of their brother Rocky, who Tana sadly lost when she was five months pregnant. To encourage his sister with the race, Jack had some motivational words for her – and they were pretty sweet! While waiting at the starting line, he placed a sticker on Holly's wrist which he had written on it: "So proud of you Hols my partner in crime and best friend. So proud of you – keep going!" In January, meanwhile, the twins celebrated turning 18 with a Great Gatsby-themed party, which was attended by their friends, including the Beckhams.

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Gordon and Tana's twins had a Great Gatsby-themed party in January

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Proud dad Gordon previously opened up about his brood to The Telegraph, revealing that they are all very ambitious. While youngest daughter Tilly has her own children's TV show, Matilda & The Ramsay Bunch, Megan is at university studying Philosophy, Jack wants to work as a marine, and Holly is hoping to pursue a career in fashion. He also explained how he is teaching his own children to carve out a path to success. "They've all got jobs, they've all taken care of animals, they've all got housework. There's a rotor," he admitted. "They get pocket money, but they have to earn that pocket money."