All parents can relate to Stacey Solomon's holiday photo with her sons

Sound familiar?

Stacey Solomon has posted a gorgeous photo of herself on holiday with her sons Zachary and Leighton and while all seemed picture-perfect, the Loose Women panellist revealed the lengths it took to take the snap. She wrote on Instagram: "Sunsets and silliness. When you look pretty calm and happy, but the truth is u had to grab your babies and put them into an armlock to get this picture, it's one of about a thousand!"

She asked her fans: "Is anyone else' kids totally OVER photos? I just wanted a sunset holiday memory pic and it became a WWE sequence. To rub salt into the wound I just looked at my sisters sunset pic with her two daughters and it's AMAZING."

Stacey takes a trip to Disney:

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Stacey's followers were quick to respond with similar anecdotes, with one explaining: "Stace it's a beautiful pic! Boys aren't into selfies like girls so your sister would've got it easy! I have a daughter who loves selfies but my 12 year old "Godphew" has to be bribed! A kiss cost me a doughnut at the weekend! Lol." Another replied: "My son is 12 & he hates having a picture taken. We go on holidays on Fri & he's been warned that I want lots if pictures."

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Stacey shared a beautiful photo with her sons

It's not known where Stacey and her family are holidaying, but the gang seem to be having a ball of a time. The TV star took to Instagram Stories to share some videos of the very choppy sea, and her son Zachary, ten, being buried in the sand. "Where's my baby gone?" Stacey was heard saying. "He's lost his body," a child is heard replying in the background. "What in the world?" Stacey laughed.

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The TV star home-schools her two boys

The former X Factor singer and her children are enjoying the summer off before they resume home-schooling. Stacey, 28, has previously revealed some of the hurtful comments she's received from online trolls. During an episode of Loose Women, she said: "There were a few comments after I said I was homeschooling the boys about how dumb I am and how dumb they would turn out. I already have an insecurity which is people say that I am really thick because of my accent and my personality."

But the doting mum went on to say: "I know I am not dumb and I know I am not stupid and I shouldn't be allowing anyone else to make me feel that way. I always made sure I did well in my exams, passing 13 GCSEs. In fact, I never failed an exam in my life." Regarding her children's new way of learning, Stacey added: "At the moment they are responding to it really well and they are learning a lot more in a much more positive way."