Strictly's Karen Clifton in tears after being subject to discrimination

Poor Karen…

Hanna Fillingham

Strictly Come Dancing star Karen Clifton is renowned for her upbeat nature, so it was heartbreaking for her fans to see her so upset on Monday after she had a terrible experience at her local barbers. The pro dancer had been to the barbers twice before, and had the sides of her head shaved by female members of staff. However, on this occasion, only men were working in there, and she was turned away. Taking to Instagram Stories after the incident, Karen – in tears – told her followers: "They said I wasn’t allowed to [get my hair cut] because I was a woman. The fact that I was a woman and I couldn’t get my hair cut as it was all male. I mean, what are we? In the stone ages?"


Strictly's Karen Clifton was in tears after a horrible experience at the barbers

The dancer continued: "It really affected me. I'm not getting anything fancy done, and even if I was – the fact that I was turned away because no women are allowed. Even though there were two barbers free and only one customers. When I have gone there before I got my haircut by two women, but when I went in there and there were no women, they said I couldn’t get my haircut." Karen added: "I don't ever do posts like this but I thought this was really important as it has never really happened to me before. I've never experienced this before and it feels awful, it's not right and it shouldn’t be this way."

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Strictly's Karen spoke out against discrimination

Karen also shared a defiant post on Instagram, which simply read: "I'm not in favour of any discrimination of any form." Fans were quick to console her, with one writing: "Outrageous! Big love to you Karen, shocking morning for you," while another said: "Sorry you had to go through that. It's 2019 they need to get with the times." A third added: "Shocking, their bad not yours. They've lost a customer and there will be a barber more deserving of your business."

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The star had decided to cut her hair short after the Strictly final in December, representing a new start after her hectic year. Talking to HELLO!, Karen explained: "It is almost like I am on a self-discovery path, and I find it quite refreshing, a kind of release that I am allowing myself to change and to be okay with it, and if people don’t like it that's fine with me." The star had been inspired by TV presenter Emma Willis' hair, and added: "I loved it and knew that's what I want. What better time to do it, having finished Strictly."

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