See the adorable way Robbie Williams entertains his baby daughter Coco 

This is just so sweet!

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Just how adorable is Robbie Williams and Ayda Fields' baby daughter, Coco? In a new video posted on Ayda's Instagram on Wednesday, the tiny tot laughed and clapped delightedly at her dad while he blew raspberries at her to the tune of one of his songs, and the proud mum-of-three captioned the post: "@robbiewilliams entertaining at least one person with 'Lovelight'."

Fans were quick to comment on the adorable video: "Ok, THE most adorable thing I’ve seen all day. (That’s Coco by the way, soz Rob!)." Another person added: "Oh she’s so cute. That little giggle." Coco isn't the only fan of her dad's music, as Ayda previously filmed her big sister Teddy singing Angels to Robbie, and captioned the post: "The best cover of Angels I’ve ever heard."

Ayda and Robbie keep their children's faces hidden on Instagram

Although Ayda and Robbie enjoy sharing snaps and videos of their youngsters on social media, they have previously opened up about how they are careful to keep their faces concealed. Explaining their reasons on Loose Women, Ayda said: "We never show their faces, it's really important to us. We're really proud and we want to share absolutely everything but there's a law in this country that they can't put pictures up of kids in the papers unless you're posting their faces."

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The proud parents welcomed Coco via a surrogate in September 2018, and Robbie opened up about his second daughter's temperament in an interview with The Sun, explaining: "Coco is the most chilled baby I've ever known. It's funny. The first baby you have, 'Shh, it's sleeping,' then you hear someone coming in that closes the door and you run downstairs and you go, 'Shh! The baby!' Then the third one, the television's on, the kids are playing, the dogs are barking, the baby stays asleep and the world doesn't end."

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