Exclusive: Lara Trump opens up about meeting the Queen as she shows off her beautiful baby bump

She joined her family during the state visit to London in June

Throwing open the doors to Mar-a-Lago, the lavish Florida resort owned by her father-in-law US President Donald Trump, pregnant Lara Trump models dramatic Oscar Lopez couture in an exclusive HELLO! photoshoot. And her recent state visit to London is still fresh in her mind as she tells us the experience was "made extra special" because she is pregnant. "Knowing that one day I'll tell this baby about the adventure overseas and all that happened while in my belly made everything all the more meaningful," she tells us of the June trip she made with her family including her husband Eric – Donald's son – and her sister-in-law Ivanka.

Lara Trump spoke to HELLO! about her pregnancy and meeting the Queen

"I can assure you that I never dreamed that I'd have the opportunity to visit Buckingham Palace, meet the Queen and the royal family and attend a State Dinner — it was an unforgettable few days." The TV producer is certainly taking pregnancy in her stride in this stunning shoot at the Palm Beach property that holds a special place in her heart. She and Eric – parents to 23-month-old Luke – got married there in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in 2014.

"I can't visit without thinking about our wedding and so many memorable moments — it's very special to us," she says. "In the chaos of day-to-day life, it’s so nice to have a place where we can meet as a family and it feels like old times, before my father-in-law was president and life was a little bit less hectic."

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The 36-year-old, whose baby is due this month, is a muse of fashion designer Oscar. "Wearing one of his dresses makes you feel like a princess," she smiles. Oscar is as big a fan of Lara. "Her taste in fashion has always interlaced with the couture fashion I create," he tells us. "We have been able to create pieces that will be fused onto American history; from the inaugural ball to the more intimate pieces she wears for her day-to-day. It’s a pleasure to be able to continue to produce fashion statements with Lara, now and for years to come… My designs have an ever-present wow factor."

Lara, 36, and her husband Eric - who tied the knot in 2014 - announced their second pregnancy joy in April. Ahead of the state visit, the American beauty took to her social media pages to share pictures with her husband, their son, also called Eric, and dogs, Charlie and Ben. She captioned the announcement: "BIG NEWS: Luke (& Charlie & Ben) can't wait to become big brothers this August!! We’re all very excited to add one more to our family!"

In 2017, during a previous interview with HELLO! and before the birth of her first child, Lara opened up about her home life and how it had changed since her father-in-law became the 45th president of the United States. "Eric and I lead a pretty normal life," she shared. "Our favourite place to be is our home outside of New York City. It's quiet and relaxing – just the two of us and our dogs. The Secret Service is made up of absolutely wonderful people. We couldn’t ask for more patriotic, selfless people to be around us."

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The couple currently split their time between New York City and Westchester. She also made reference to President Trump's election campaign from two years ago, saying: "Obviously the past two years were not all easy for our family. We took a lot of hits and continue to, but overall this has made us closer and stronger." She also said that the President was a kind and generous man behind-the-scenes. "He is a man who, first and foremost, loves his family. He is a wonderful storyteller and loves large family dinners. We have such great times together and laugh a lot. He is gracious with his time and has a tremendous heart. He is an incredibly loyal person and never forgets those who are loyal to him. I feel very lucky to have a man like Donald Trump as my father-in-law."

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