Nadia Sawalha asks for help with 12-year-old daughter

The Loose Women star was speaking on her YouTube channel

Nadia Sawalha has revealed that her twelve-year-old daughter Kiki is having trouble sleeping. Speaking on her YouTube channel, the Loose Women star shared the update on her daughter's sleep struggles, and asked fans to share any advice that they might have.


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Nadia is known for her open and honest approach to parenting, and often shares family issues with her social media followers. In January, the mother-of-two started an important conversation about the fact that many parents with teenagers worry about loneliness as there are less people to turn to and be able to talk to about the parenting problems that they are experiencing, for fear of judgement. 

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Nadia and her family are close 

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Speaking on her podcast, Confessions of a Modern Parent, Nadia added that while everyone is good at offering advice to each other when they have babies, it's not the same when they have teenagers. "I think it's so, so hard on ourselves as parents to not reach out to people – you have to make sure that this person really cares about you that's for sure. When someone does reach out to you, you then have to give an honest answer," she said.

That same month, Nadia revealed that her 17-year-old daughter Maddie had revealed that she has a "toxic" relationship with her body, a revelation that made Nadia emotional. The 55-year-old explained on her podcast: "That was so content-rich. Our beautiful, beautiful child inside and out. The way she just talks from her heart like that. There is so much in that for any parent listening to that." 

She continued: "I'm sitting here crying and I'm not just crying for our daughter, but for me, for women through the ages. You know the confusion, the manipulation, the warped thinking, that waste of our energy. That beautiful child of ours." 

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