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Andrea McLean explains why she has taken her dog Teddy to the groomers during lockdown

The star and husband Nick welcomed Teddy into their home last year

andrea mclean dog teddy

Friday was somewhat of a sad day in the McLean-Feeney household, as Andrea and husband Nick had to take their dog Teddy to the dog groomers to get all of his hair shaved off.

Taking to Instagram Stories in the morning, the Loose Women presenter revealed they had taken the decision after struggling to keep his hair in tip-top condition.

andrea mclean dog haircut© Photo: Instagram

"Morning all, it's a difficult day today for this little fella. We're going to the dog groomers today, not just because he got really hot yesterday but I don't know if any of you have been struggling with this. We have been washing him, brushing him, but obviously our brush is not going deep enough and he's got all matted here, and he's got knots and things... almost like dreadlocks," she explained whilst Nick drove and Teddy sat quietly in the back seat.

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"And so we managed to get an appointment with the dog groomers... I think he might have to get shaved today," Andrea added.

"Well, I think everyone else has had a buzz cut, maybe it's his turn," joked Nick.

teddy andrea mcleanbedroom© Photo: Instagram

"I know, but at least he is getting it done by a professional. So it’s not me doing it this time. Poor little guy. He might not be fluffy for a while," the 50-year-old said, making reference to when she had to shave Nick's hair last month.

Later on, the mother-of-two shared a before and after picture, showing Teddy's incredible transformation. Captioning the pictures, she wrote: "He looks like a different dog!! Someone's happier (and cooler) now. I wasn't let loose with the clippers this time, Teddy was thankfully trimmed by lovely girls who know what they’re doing. Thank you dog groomers everywhere; it's one thing for us to have dodgy haircuts and nails during lockdown, but animals need their grooming for more than vanity. Is it wrong that I can’t wait for his 'shagginess' to grow back just a little? #doggytrim #dogsofinstagram."

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Andrea and her family welcomed Teddy to their family in November. Back then, the Loose Women star shared the news on an Instagram story, telling the camera: "You may have noticed a little doggy pen in the corner there… we are fostering again! Yes, we are. Teddy! There he is. Teddy, say hi! Here he is. Hey Teddy! Smile! He's so cute. We have a slight problem with Teddy. We might not give him back. I know, technically we're fostering, but did you see him? What do we do? Do we keep him?"

A few weeks later, the presenter announced that she and Nick had officially adopted Teddy.

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