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Oprah Winfrey

The beloved star champions compassion and generosity

oprah winfrey
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Anyone who's been in the audience at one of her shows knows Queen Oprah loves to give stuff away. But she's also partial to donating her own money to various charities.

She's been steadily giving money to COVID-19 relief efforts in places that she has lived around the States, including £10million to cities like Baltimore, Chicago and Milwaukee, before giving another £2.5million to Los Angeles in July.

"There is something that you can do in your life right now, today, to make a difference in the life of somebody else's. To extend yourself in kindness, to anybody, is an extension of kindness in the world." - Oprah

Through her Oprah Winfrey Foundation, she has donated millions of dollars to organisations such as America's Food Fund, Center for Urban Families and Living Classrooms.

There are so many memorable lines we could quote from Oprah, but one stands out in particular. After filming an episode of her talk show back in 2004, she talked passionately about 'extending yourself in kindness' to her audience members.

"Open up your heart, so that you ask whatever you call your God - you ask your life, you ask the universe, you ask that energy - how can I be used for a purpose that is greater than myself?" she said.

"Extend yourself in kindness, in spirit and generosity, to somebody who wouldn't have automatically had that kindness - and you will see it comes back to you."

See the full Kind List here.

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